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If you’ve recently visited a Dollar General store in the United States, here’s your chance to make your voice heard through the dgcustomerfirst survey. Dollar General, with its commitment to customer satisfaction, invites shoppers to share their feedback and experiences through this online survey. 

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Learn how to participate in the DGcustomerfirst survey, the different ways to participate in the Dollar General survey in 2024, and the enticing rewards offered for your valuable input. Delve into the terms and conditions to ensure a clear understanding before taking the survey, and understand the significance of the unique Dollar General survey code. Discover the troubleshooting guide to address any portal issues and explore the exciting DGcustomerfirst sweepstakes program.

Uncover the benefits of participating in the survey, ranging from instant rewards like discount coupon codes to the opportunity to win in the monthly sweepstakes. The article also sheds light on the dedicated customer service facility and introduces the Dollar General app(DGcustomerfirst app), offering exclusive benefits to survey participants. Finally, get acquainted with Dollar General’s rich history, its impact on communities, and some frequently asked questions. Your journey into the world of DGcustomerfirst awaits!


How To Participate In The DGCustomerFirst Survey

If you’ve recently shopped at Dollar General in the United States, you have an opportunity to share your feedback through the dgcustomerfirst survey. This online survey, organized by Dollar General, aims to collect valuable insights from customers about their shopping experiences.

To participate, make sure you’ve made a purchase at any Dollar General store and have a survey invitation or code on your receipt. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the DGcustomerfirst survey website: www.dgcustomerfirst.com.
  • Choose your preferred language – English or Spanish.
  • Enter the survey code found on your Dollar General purchase receipt.
DGCustomerFirst Survey Portal
  • Answer the survey questions honestly, covering various aspects of your shopping experience, such as store cleanliness, product availability, and employee courtesy.
  • Towards the end of the survey, provide your contact details accurately. This step enters you into the sweepstakes for a chance to win a prize.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button after completing all the survey questions.

The entire DGcustomerfirst survey usually takes around 5-7 minutes. Your detailed feedback is crucial for Dollar General to identify areas for improvement in their stores. Participating not only helps enhance your future shopping experiences but also gives you a chance to win in the sweepstakes.

Methods Of Participating In The Dollar General Survey 2024

The DGcustomerfirst customer satisfaction survey from Dollar General provides shoppers with various methods to participate, offering not only a chance to win a $100 gift card in the sweepstakes but also instant discount rewards. Here are the primary avenues to engage in the Dollar General survey:

1. Online Method:

The most straightforward approach involves taking the DGcustomerfirst survey online through the official website, dgcustomerfirst.com. Shoppers can use laptops or PCs to provide feedback, ensuring automatic entry into the monthly sweepstakes. After making a purchase at any Dollar General store, customers can retrieve the survey code from their receipt, visit the website, answer experience questions using the code, and receive immediate coupon codes.

2. In-Store Feedback Terminals:

Numerous Dollar General outlets have digital feedback tablets installed within the store premises. These tablets prompt survey participation before customers leave after shopping. Shoppers can conveniently use these tablets to scan their 15-digit survey receipt code and submit responses directly on the tablet screen, eliminating the need to access the online website later. The tablets also offer language options in both English and Spanish.

3. Mobile App Integration:

Dollar General provides integration within its mobile application, ‘DGcustomerfirst app.’ Account holders can navigate to the ‘Survey’ section within the app, click on the DGcustomerfirst banner, and share their insights. The mobile app facilitates receipt code scans, enabling users to launch surveys directly. Additionally, app push notifications streamline the process, making it quicker and more convenient for users.

4. Customer Support Email Channel:

For DG shoppers encountering survey participation issues, an alternative avenue is to reach out directly to Dollar General customer support by emailing [email protected]. Typically, responses to these emails are provided within 48 hours, addressing any concerns related to survey access.

By offering these diverse mediums tailored to user comfort and time feasibility, Dollar General aims to increase participation, continually collecting valuable shopper feedback to enhance in-store experiences.

Benefits Of Participating In The DGCustomerFirst.Com 2024 Survey

Discover the various advantages of engaging in the dgcustomerfirst.com 2024 survey:

Opportunity To Win Exciting Sweepstakes Prizes: By actively participating in the survey, customers stand a chance to win enticing sweepstakes prizes offered by Dollar General every month. These prizes often include gift cards valued at $100, making it a rewarding experience for survey participants.

Contribute To Local Store Improvement: The feedback shared by customers in the survey plays a crucial role in Dollar General’s efforts to identify areas of enhancement in individual stores and overall operations. This valuable input aids in refining offerings and services, ultimately leading to an improved shopping experience for customers.

Receive Exclusive Coupon Codes: Survey participants are rewarded with exclusive coupon codes upon completing the survey. These codes typically provide discounts on future Dollar General purchases, with common offers being $3 off a $10 or more purchase. This not only adds value to the survey experience but also translates into tangible savings for customers.

Unlock VIP Benefits Through The Dollar General App: Customers who actively engage in surveys gain access to VIP benefits through the Dollar General app. This includes exclusive coupons, special offers, and timely alerts, providing participants with a VIP treatment that enhances their overall shopping experience.

In essence, participating in the DGcustomerfirst survey for 2024 not only offers customers great perks but also plays a pivotal role in assisting Dollar General in its continuous improvement efforts for a more enjoyable and satisfying shopping journey.

Terms And Conditions Of DGCustomerFirst Survey

Explore the terms and conditions associated with the DGcustomerfirst A survey, conducted by Dollar General, to ensure a clear understanding before participating:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: The survey is exclusively intended for customers who have made a purchase at a Dollar General store within the 50 states of the U.S. or the District of Columbia. Purchases from distribution centers are not considered valid entries for the survey.
  2. Entry Limitations: Participants are allowed only one entry per household per month, irrespective of the number of surveys completed. Duplicate entries will be deemed invalid.
  3. Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or older to take part in the survey. Employees of Dollar General, along with their families, and individuals associated with survey sponsors are not eligible to participate.
  4. Survey Code Accuracy: To access the survey, the survey code printed on the purchase receipt must be entered accurately. Codes that are smudged, unclear, or incomplete will not be functional.
  5. Sweepstakes Winner Selection: Winners of sweepstakes prizes are chosen through a random drawing and are notified either via email or phone. The likelihood of winning depends on the total number of eligible entries.
  6. Consent For Feedback Use: By participating in the survey, individuals grant Dollar General permission to utilize their feedback for improvement purposes and to contact them if necessary. Those not comfortable with these conditions should refrain from participating.
  7. Sweepstakes Changes: Dollar General reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel the sweepstakes at its discretion due to technical issues, tampering, or unforeseen circumstances beyond its control, with no prior notice.

In essence, participation in the DGcustomerfirst survey implies an understanding and agreement to these specified terms. Adhering to these conditions ensures the validity of your survey entry.

Understanding the Dollar General Survey Code

The Dollar General survey code plays a crucial role as the gateway to the dgcustomerfirst/com online survey, offering participants the opportunity to share their feedback on their shopping experience. This code is a unique 15-digit identifier printed on your receipt after shopping. This unique alphanumeric code is prominently featured on every Dollar General purchase receipt.

DGCustomerFirst Survey Code

This distinctive survey code serves as a connection between your purchase transaction and your involvement in the survey. Inputting the accurate code grants you access to the survey, enabling you to provide feedback specific to your visit to that particular Dollar General store.

Key points regarding the survey code include:

  • Expiration Period: The survey code is valid for 7 days after the date of purchase. After this period, it expires and cannot be used for survey access.
  • Single-Use Nature: The code is a one-time-use credential for survey entry. Once utilized, it becomes invalid and cannot be used again.
  • Correct Entry: To access the survey successfully, the survey code must be entered exactly as printed on the receipt, without any spaces. Failure to do so may result in an error.

To ensure your eligibility for the DGcustomerfirst survey, always check your Dollar General receipt carefully for the survey code before discarding it. It is advisable to keep the code secure and readily accessible until you complete the online survey.

Troubleshooting Guide To Follow When The DGCustomerFirst Portal Is Not Working

Encountering difficulties accessing the dgcustomerfirst portal due to website errors can be frustrating. To help you address such situations, here’s a troubleshooting guide to follow:

  • Check Your Internet Connection: Internet disruptions can impede access to survey websites. Restart your internet modem or router to ensure a stable connection before attempting to access the portal again.
  • Allow Cookies And Disable Adblockers: Ensure that your browser settings allow cookies and disable any ad blockers. Failure to do so might hinder the proper loading of the Dollar General survey portal.
  • Clear Cache And Browsing Data: Glitches on the survey website may be caused by old cached files and browsing history. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies to eliminate potential issues.
  • Use A Different Web Browser: If one browser is causing problems, try accessing the survey portal using a different one, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. This simple switch may resolve portal errors.
  • Check Survey Code Entry: Incorrect entries of the survey code can result in error messages. Double-check the survey code on your receipt and input it accurately, avoiding any additional spaces.
  • Contact Customer Support: If the troubleshooting steps above prove ineffective, reach out to Dollar General survey customer support at 1-877-605-3229 for further assistance. They can provide guidance and solutions to help you overcome any access issues.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you will increase your chances of resolving issues on the functioning of the DGcustomerfirst portal when it is not working and can successfully participate in the survey

DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes Program

The online customer satisfaction survey hosted on dgcustomerfirst.com by Dollar General introduces participants to a thrilling monthly sweepstakes program, featuring key details for those eager to join in:

Eligibility Criteria:

Participation is open exclusively to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years or older. To enroll, individuals must have made a purchase at any Dollar General store in the U.S. and possess a valid 15-digit survey code from their receipt. Notably, Dollar General employees and their immediate families are ineligible to participate.


The enticing sweepstakes offer a chance to win one of 100 gift cards valued at $100 each, awarded every month through a random draw from eligible entries. These Dollar General gift cards can only be utilized for purchases at Dollar General outlets and cannot be redeemed for cash.


Given the widespread popularity of this customer satisfaction survey associated with the expansive Dollar General chain, each monthly sweepstakes witnesses a substantial number of entries nationwide. On average, the odds of winning hover around 1 in 1000 entries, although the exact likelihood is contingent upon the total number of submissions.

Announcing Winners:

Winners are selected through a computerized random drawing process at the conclusion of each calendar month. The 100 selected winners receive direct notification within two weeks post the monthly sweepstakes draw via email and/or phone contact. To ensure transparency, Dollar General updates the list of winners’ names on the dgcustomerfirst.com website.

Entry Considerations:

Participants must adhere to the survey participation policy, allowing only one completed entry per household per month, regardless of the number of surveys completed. After participation, it’s crucial to verify that the provided contact information is accurate, ensuring seamless outreach in the event of being selected as the winner.

With enticing monthly rewards in the form of $100 Dollar General gift cards and reasonably fair odds, the DGcustomerfirst survey sweepstakes promise an exciting opportunity, making the submission of customer feedback even more worthwhile.

Rewards Offered After Participating In The DGCustomerFirst Survey

After finishing the DGcustomerfirst customer satisfaction survey on Dollar General’s survey website, dgcustomerfirst com, participants get various rewarding benefits:

Instant Rewards:

  1. Discount Coupon Code: By providing your Dollar General shopping insights through the survey, you’ll promptly receive a 15% savings coupon code. This code, which currently grants $3 off on future purchases amounting to $10 or more, is applicable both in-store at any Dollar General and for online purchases. Notably, there are typically no restrictions on using this coupon for specific item categories.
  2. VIP Access On Mobile App: The survey platform offers exclusive VIP access to Dollar General’s mobile app. By gaining this special access for an entire year, you can enjoy member-only privileges, access special offers, receive personalized coupons, and enjoy targeted discounts tailored to your unique shopping patterns.

Potential Rewards:

  1. Sweepstakes Entry: When you submit your responses to the DGCustomerFirst Inc Survey, you are automatically entered into the monthly sweepstakes. This entry gives you an opportunity to win one of the 100 gift cards, each valued at $100. Notably, these exclusive gift cards can be utilized solely for purchases at Dollar General.
  2. Surprise Coupons: Apart from securing your assured entry into the sweepstakes and receiving the 15% off coupon code, Dollar General also delights random survey participants with unexpected percentage discounts. These pleasant surprises are sent directly to the contact information you provided while taking the survey.
DGCustomerFirst Digital Coupons

Essentially, taking part in this quick Dollar General customer satisfaction survey comes with a two-fold advantage. By offering valuable shopping insights to enhance their service, you not only contribute to improvement but also immediately increase your opportunities to save on future purchases!

DGCustomerFirst Customer Service Facility

The DGCustomerFirst Survey provides a dedicated customer service facility to address any questions or issues faced by participants. You can reach this facility via the dgcustomerfirst phone number: 615-855-4000 or by writing to the mailing address 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072, United States of America. It’s important to note that the survey is sponsored by Dollar General Corporation and administered by Prize Logic L.L.C.

For email support, survey takers can send their queries or concerns to [email protected], and the customer service team aims to respond to emails within 48 hours. If you encounter difficulties, you also have the option to tweet on the Dollar General Twitter account or post messages on the Dollar General Facebook page. These social media accounts are managed by customer support representatives.

In essence, DGCustomerFirst offers multiple communication channels, including phone, mail, email, Twitter, and Facebook, for customers to have their survey participation and general Dollar General shopping experience-related concerns promptly addressed by dedicated support staff. Choosing the most suitable channel ensures quick assistance.

DGCustomerFirst.Com Survey On Social Media

You can follow the dgcustomerfirst survey through its social media platforms, which are given below:




DGCustomerFirst App(Dollar General App)

In addition to the DGcustomerfirst survey portal, Dollar General offers a mobile app known as the ‘Dollar General’ or ‘DGcustomerfirst App,’ designed to enhance the overall customer experience.

This app boasts several key features:

  • Exclusive App Offers: Customers who complete the DGcustomerfirst Survey gain special VIP access to app-only coupon offers, discounts, and promotions for an entire year.
  • Digital Coupons: Conveniently download additional digital coupons for Dollar General purchases directly through the app.
DGCustomerFirst Dollar General Mobile App
  • Scheduling Lists: Shoppers can create editable shopping lists and schedules, enhancing shopping convenience and organization.
  • Order Refills: Easily reorder household essentials through the app, available for order pickup or delivery from your nearest DG store.
  • Prescription Management: Streamline your pharmacy needs by filling prescriptions, tracking orders, or refilling prescriptions through the app, eliminating unnecessary trips.
  • Store Locator: Utilize the inbuilt GPS maps to find the nearest Dollar General store locations, ensuring you are directed towards them effortlessly.

In summary, the DGcustomerfirst app simplifies the shopping journey for customers by offering exclusive features focused on enhancing overall customer experiences.

Links For Downloading And Installing The DGCustomerFirst App(Dollar General App):

For iOS Devices

For Android Devices

About Dollar General

Dollar General, recognized by its distinctive yellow and black branding, is a common sight throughout the United States. With over 19,000 stores, it provides a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to larger retail giants, catering to various locations from busy cities to rural intersections.

Established in 1939, Dollar General has transformed discount shopping by offering a wide range of everyday essentials – groceries, cleaning supplies, clothing, toys – all neatly arranged on shelves at remarkably affordable prices. Their stores feature a mix of name brands and private labels, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Dollar General goes beyond just providing bargains; it emphasizes convenience. Quick checkouts, self-service kiosks, and an expanding delivery network cater to customers pressed for time. Stepping into a Dollar General feels like entering a friendly neighbor’s pantry – a place where you can swiftly grab what you need and continue with your day.

DGCustomerFirst Dollar General Store

The impact of Dollar General extends beyond its store aisles and prices. As a significant employer, it offers jobs in communities often overlooked by other retailers. The company’s dedication to local causes contributes to the strength of neighborhoods, and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation plays a role in helping both adults and children unlock the power of reading.

While no retail giant is without challenges, critics mention limited fresh produce options and potential labor concerns. Nevertheless, Dollar General continues to adapt, introducing private-label produce lines and exploring employee benefits.

In summary, Dollar General is more than just a discount store; it’s an integral part of the American fabric. It stands as a symbol of convenience, value, and community engagement. The next time you spot that distinctive yellow and black sign, remember – Dollar General might have exactly what you need at a price that brings a smile to your face.


Can I Participate In The DGCustomerFirst Survey Over The Phone?

No, currently, the DGCustomerFirst survey is only available online on the dgcustomerfirst.com website. Phone survey participation is not supported.

If I Encounter Technical Issues While Taking The DGCustomerFirst Survey, How Do I Resume Where I Left Off?

Unfortunately, survey progress cannot be saved. You have to start again by re-entering your 15-digit survey code printed on the receipt.

Within How Many Days Of My Visit To Dollar General Do I Need To Complete The Survey?

You must take the DGcustomerfirst survey within 7 days of your purchase; after this period, the survey code becomes invalid.

Can Dollar General Employees Or Their Families Participate In This Customer Satisfaction Survey?

No, Dollar General employees and immediate family members are strictly prohibited from participating in the DGcustomerfirst survey.


In conclusion, the DGcustomerfirst survey provides Dollar General customers with a valuable platform to share feedback and contribute to the improvement of their shopping experience. By participating, customers not only enhance their future visits but also stand a chance to win exciting sweepstakes prizes, including $100 gift cards. The survey methods, available both online and in-store, cater to diverse preferences, ensuring accessibility for all shoppers. 

Dollar General’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further evident through instant rewards, VIP access on the mobile app, and exclusive coupon offerings. With clear terms and conditions, a dedicated customer service facility, and a user-friendly app, Dollar General prioritizes customer engagement and convenience. It’s not just a store; it’s a community-focused, value-driven retail experience that continues to evolve.

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