DGCustomerFirst Disclaimer

The DGCustomerFirst website, also known as the Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey website, allows customers to share their feedback on their shopping experiences at Dollar General stores.  This feedback is valuable to the company as it helps them understand customer needs and improve their services. But you need to know about some important disclaimers related to using the website. 

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These disclaimers explain the rules for using the platform. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of the disclaimer, covering consent, updates, limitations on downloading files and images, and guidelines for leaving comments. Understanding these rules ensures a smooth and respectful interaction with the DGCustomerFirst platform, promoting transparency and responsible usage.

Disclaimers For DGCustomerFirst 

The disclaimer on the website explains that the information you find there, like survey questions and answers, is just for learning, not for professional advice. It says DGCustomerFirst can’t promise what will happen based on the feedback you give. 

Sometimes, the disclaimer might also say that DGCustomerFirst isn’t responsible if something goes wrong from using the website or the information on it. We have a few disclaimers to make sure everyone knows how to use the platform correctly and to keep things transparent. These disclaimers talk about different parts of how users use the platform.


When you visit and use the DGCustomerFirst website, you are agreeing to follow the rules mentioned in the disclaimer. This means you promise to give honest and correct information when doing the survey. Also, you agree to use polite language when leaving comments.


DGCustomerFirst reserves the right to update the disclaimers at any time without prior notice. Users are encouraged to revisit the disclaimer page periodically to stay informed of any changes made.

Downloadable Files And Images

The DGCustomerFirst website is meant for getting feedback from customers. It’s not made for downloading files or pictures. The disclaimer strictly says that you can’t try to download things that you’re not allowed to.


The website lets users share thoughts about their shopping at Dollar General. But there are rules to follow, outlined in the disclaimer:

  • Stay Relevant: Your comments should match the survey topic and your Dollar General shopping.
  • Use Respectful Words: Write professionally and don’t say offensive or mean things about people or groups.
  • Be Accurate: Share real experiences and avoid spreading rumors or wrong info.
  • Keep Privacy: Don’t tell personal stuff about yourself or others.

The disclaimer says DGCustomerFirst can remove comments that break these rules or aren’t right.