DGCustomerFirst Net: Your Gateway to Rewards and Feedback

In today’s retail landscape, customer feedback is more important than ever. DGCustomerFirst Net is Dollar General’s online feedback platform designed to gather valuable insights from customers and improve their overall shopping experience. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is DGCustomerFirst Net, how it works, and tips for providing feedback and winning rewards.

What Is DGCustomerFirst Net?

DGCustomerFirst Net is an online feedback platform operated by Dollar General, one of the largest retail chains in the United States. It serves as a mechanism for customers to share their opinions and experiences after shopping at Dollar General stores. The platform aims to gather valuable insights into customer satisfaction, preferences, and areas for improvement to enhance the overall shopping experience.

How DGCustomerFirst Net Works

  • Invitation to Participate: Customers receive an invitation to participate in the survey after completing a purchase at a Dollar General store. This invitation may be printed on the receipt or sent via email.
  • Accessing the Survey: Customers can access the survey using the unique survey code provided on their receipt or through the link provided in the email invitation.
  • Providing Feedback: The survey consists of a series of questions about the customer’s shopping experience, including store cleanliness, product availability, staff friendliness, and overall satisfaction. Customers are encouraged to provide honest and detailed feedback.
  • Submission: After completing the survey, customers submit their responses electronically to Dollar General for review and analysis.
  • Rewards: As a token of appreciation for their feedback, customers may be eligible to receive rewards such as discount coupons, sweepstakes entries, or other promotional offers.

DGCustomerFirst Net operates on the principle of customer-centricity, emphasizing the importance of customer feedback in driving improvements and enhancing the quality of service. By providing a platform for customers to share their opinions and suggestions, Dollar General demonstrates its commitment to listening to customer voices and continuously striving to meet their needs and expectations.

Overall, DGCustomerFirst Net serves as a valuable tool for Dollar General to engage with its customers, gather feedback, and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall shopping experience. It fosters a culture of transparency, accountability, and customer empowerment, reinforcing Dollar General’s position as a customer-focused retail leader.

Tips for Providing Feedback and Winning Rewards on DGCustomerFirst Net

Providing feedback on DGCustomerFirst Net can be a rewarding experience, both in terms of helping Dollar General improve its services and potentially winning rewards for your participation. Here are some tips to maximize your feedback and increase your chances of winning rewards on DGCustomerFirst Net:

Be Honest and Detailed:

When providing feedback, honesty is key. Be specific about your experiences at Dollar General stores, highlighting both positive aspects and areas where improvements can be made. Detailed feedback helps Dollar General understand customer concerns and preferences more effectively.

Complete Surveys Promptly:

Respond to survey invitations as soon as you receive them. By completing surveys promptly, you increase your chances of being selected for future surveys and rewards. Prompt participation also ensures that your feedback is fresh in your mind, allowing you to provide more accurate responses.

Participate Regularly:

Make it a habit to engage with the DGCustomerFirst Net platform regularly. Consistent participation increases your visibility and likelihood of receiving rewards. Keep an eye out for survey invitations and take the time to provide thoughtful feedback whenever possible.

Check for Promotions:

Keep an eye out for special promotions or offers associated with DGCustomerFirst Net. Dollar General may occasionally provide additional incentives for participating in specific surveys or activities. Take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your rewards potential.

Redeem Rewards Timely:

Once you receive rewards such as discount coupons or sweepstakes entries, make sure to redeem them within the specified timeframe. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits and maximize the value of your feedback. Don’t let rewards go to waste—take advantage of them as soon as possible.

By following these tips, you can effectively provide feedback on DGCustomerFirst Net while increasing your chances of winning rewards. Remember that your feedback is valuable to Dollar General and can contribute to the improvement of the overall shopping experience for customers. Embrace the opportunity to share your opinions and experiences, and reap the rewards of your participation in DGCustomerFirst Net.


How Can I Participate In DGCustomerFirst Net Surveys?

Customers can participate in DGCustomerFirst Net surveys by accessing the survey link provided on their receipt or through the email invitation they receive after making a purchase at Dollar General.

What Kind Of Feedback Does DGCustomerFirst Net Collect?

DGCustomerFirst Net collects feedback on various aspects of the shopping experience, including store cleanliness, product availability, staff friendliness, and overall satisfaction.

Are My Responses On DGCustomerFirst Net Surveys Anonymous?

Yes, responses on DGCustomerFirst Net surveys are typically anonymous. Dollar General respects customer privacy and uses feedback solely for the purpose of improving its services.

Can I Provide Feedback To Dollar General Outside Of DGCustomerFirst Net?

Yes, customers can provide feedback to Dollar General through various channels, including customer service hotlines, online feedback forms, and in-store comment cards.

Is There A Way To Track My Rewards Earned Through DGCustomerFirst Net?

Dollar General may provide options for customers to track their rewards earned through DGCustomerFirst Net, such as account dashboards or promotional emails with reward updates.


In conclusion, DGCustomerFirst Net stands as a testament to Dollar General’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Through this online feedback platform, customers have the opportunity to share their opinions, experiences, and suggestions, ultimately shaping the future of their shopping experiences at Dollar General stores.

By providing honest and detailed feedback, participating regularly, and staying informed about rewards and promotions, customers can maximize their engagement with DGCustomerFirst Net. As Dollar General listens attentively to customer voices, it reinforces a culture of transparency and accountability, driving positive changes that benefit both customers and the company. Embrace the opportunity to be heard and make a difference through DGCustomerFirst Net.