DGCustomerFirst User Guide: A Tutorial for Dollar General Shoppers

Welcome to the DGCustomerFirst User Guide: A Step-By-Step Tutorial for Dollar General Shoppers! In today’s digital era, customer feedback is invaluable, and Dollar General recognizes its significance. DGCustomerFirst serves as a dedicated platform for Dollar General patrons to share their experiences, shaping the retail giant’s services. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through what DGCustomerFirst is, how it operates, and provide step-by-step instructions for using dgcustomerfirst. Additionally, we’ll offer tips on maximizing rewards, ensuring your feedback becomes a catalyst for enhancing your Dollar General shopping experience. Let’s delve into the DGCustomerFirst user guide and unlock the full potential of your feedback!

What Is DGCustomerFirst?

DGCustomerFirst is an online survey platform established by Dollar General to gather feedback from its customers. It serves as a channel for shoppers to share their experiences, opinions, and suggestions regarding their visits to Dollar General stores. Through DGCustomerFirst, Dollar General aims to understand customer preferences, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

The platform operates through a simple process: customers receive survey invitations either printed on their receipts or via email after making a purchase. They then access the survey online using a provided code or link, answer a series of questions covering various aspects of the shopping experience, and submit their feedback electronically. In return for their participation, customers may receive rewards such as discount coupons or entries into sweepstakes or contests.

How Does DGCustomerFirst Work?

DGCustomerFirst operates as an online survey platform designed by Dollar General to gather feedback from its customers. The process of how DGCustomerFirst works involves several key steps:

Survey Invitation:

Customers receive invitations to participate in the survey after completing a transaction at a Dollar General store. These invitations can be printed on receipts or sent via email.

Accessing the Survey:

Upon receiving the invitation, customers can access the survey using the provided survey code or link. The survey is accessible online and can be completed using various devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Providing Feedback:

The survey comprises a series of questions that cover various aspects of the shopping experience, including store cleanliness, product availability, staff courtesy, and overall satisfaction. Customers are encouraged to provide honest and constructive feedback based on their recent shopping experiences.


After completing the survey, customers submit their responses electronically to Dollar General for review and analysis. This submission process ensures that Dollar General receives real-time feedback from its customers.


As a token of appreciation for their participation, customers may be eligible to receive rewards such as discount coupons, entries into sweepstakes, or other promotional offers. These rewards serve as an incentive for customers to take the time to provide feedback and contribute to Dollar General’s continuous improvement efforts.

In summary, DGCustomerFirst works by engaging customers in a feedback-driven process that allows Dollar General to understand customer preferences, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the overall shopping experience. The platform emphasizes transparency, openness, and customer-centricity, fostering a culture of collaboration between Dollar General and its customers.

Steps for Using DGCustomerFirst

To use DGCustomerFirst effectively, follow these detailed steps:

Access the Survey Platform:

Upon receiving an invitation to participate in the DGCustomerFirst survey, either printed on a receipt or sent via email, access the survey platform. You can typically find the survey link or code provided in the invitation.

Enter Survey Code (if required):

Some surveys may require you to enter a unique survey code found on your receipt or provided in the invitation email. This code helps validate your eligibility to participate in the survey.

Answer Survey Questions:

Once inside the survey platform, proceed to answer the series of questions presented to you. These questions may cover various aspects of your recent shopping experience, including store cleanliness, staff behavior, product availability, and overall satisfaction.

Provide Honest and Detailed Feedback:

Be honest and provide detailed feedback based on your actual experience at the store. Your insights are valuable to the company and help them understand customer preferences and areas for improvement.

Review and Submit:

After answering all the survey questions, take a moment to review your responses to ensure accuracy and completeness. Once you’re satisfied, submit your responses electronically.

Redeem Rewards (if applicable):

Depending on the survey, you may be eligible to receive rewards such as discount coupons, entries into sweepstakes, or other promotional offers. Follow the instructions provided to redeem your rewards and enjoy the benefits.

Stay Informed:

Keep an eye out for future survey invitations and promotional offers from DGCustomerFirst. Participating in surveys regularly not only allows you to share your feedback but also gives you opportunities to earn rewards and contribute to improving the overall shopping experience.

By following these steps, you can effectively use DGCustomerFirst to share your feedback and contribute to enhancing the services and offerings of the company.

Tips for Maximizing Rewards on DGCustomerFirst

Maximizing rewards on DGCustomerFirst requires a strategic approach and active participation. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience on the platform:

Respond Promptly:

Whenever you receive a survey invitation from DGCustomerFirst, make it a priority to respond promptly. Surveys often have limited response windows, so acting quickly increases your chances of qualifying and earning rewards.

Provide Detailed Feedback:

Take the time to provide thorough and insightful feedback in your survey responses. Detailed feedback helps Dollar General understand your experiences and preferences better, which can lead to more targeted improvements and rewards.

Be Honest and Genuine:

It’s essential to be honest and genuine in your feedback. Dollar General values authentic input from its customers and uses it to make meaningful changes. Providing sincere feedback increases the credibility of your responses and enhances the overall effectiveness of the survey process.

Check for Promotions:

Keep an eye out for special promotions or offers associated with DGCustomerFirst. Dollar General may occasionally offer additional incentives or rewards for participating in specific surveys or activities. Taking advantage of these promotions can help you earn more rewards.

Redeem Rewards Promptly:

Once you receive rewards such as discount coupons or sweepstakes entries, be sure to redeem them promptly. Rewards often come with expiration dates or redemption deadlines, so it’s essential to use them before they expire to maximize their value.

Stay Informed:

Stay informed about the latest updates, promotions, and rewards available through DGCustomerFirst. Regularly check your email for survey invitations and visit the DGCustomerFirst website for announcements and opportunities to earn rewards.

Participate Consistently:

Engage with the platform regularly by participating in surveys whenever you receive invitations. Consistent participation increases your visibility and likelihood of receiving rewards, as well as helps Dollar General gather continuous feedback for improvement.

By following these tips, you can effectively maximize your rewards and make the most of your experience on DGCustomerFirst. Your feedback is valuable, and your participation helps Dollar General enhance its services and offerings to better meet your needs as a customer.

FAQs About DGCustomerFirst User Guide

How Can I Contact DGCustomerFirst Customer Support For Assistance?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding DGCustomerFirst, you can reach out to Dollar General’s customer support team through their official website or the contact information provided on your receipt.

How Do I Participate In DGCustomerFirst Surveys?

To participate, you need to receive a survey invitation, either printed on your receipt or sent via email after making a purchase at a Dollar General store. Follow the instructions provided in the invitation to access the survey online.

What Happens To The Feedback Collected Through DGCustomerFirst?

The feedback collected through DGCustomerFirst surveys is carefully reviewed and analyzed by Dollar General’s team to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

How Can I Ensure That My Feedback Is Accurately Captured And Reflected In DGCustomerFirst Surveys?

To ensure accuracy, provide detailed and honest feedback based on your actual experiences at Dollar General stores. Take your time to respond to survey questions thoughtfully, and review your responses before submission to ensure clarity and completeness.

Are There Any Limitations On The Rewards Offered Through DGCustomerFirst?

Reward offerings may be subject to certain terms and conditions, including expiration dates, redemption restrictions, and eligibility criteria. Participants should review the details provided with the reward offer to ensure compliance and maximize benefits.


In conclusion, this DGCustomerFirst user guide provides a comprehensive tutorial for Dollar General shoppers to navigate the feedback platform effectively. By understanding how DGCustomerFirst works, following the step-by-step process, and maximizing rewards, customers can actively contribute to enhancing their shopping experience. DGCustomerFirst empowers shoppers to share their feedback openly, fostering a culture of collaboration between Dollar General and its valued customers. By participating in surveys and providing honest feedback, shoppers play a crucial role in shaping the future of Dollar General stores. Embrace the opportunity to be heard and make your voice count with the DGCustomerFirst user guide.